Jeff’s Place Is Building Its Board of Directors

Are you interested in serving on the board of a Framingham-based mission driven organization? Please review the board responsibilities and contact us.

Note: In the Contact Us form, under “Send This To”, select “Board search”.

Roles and Responsibilities 

BOD Mission: 

  • To create a BOD that values all gifts, time and talents of its members and reflects the diversity of the communities served by Jeff’s Place; 
  • To motivate and inspire individuals, stakeholders, foundations and corporations to support the organization’s financial needs and community-building mission; 
  • To foster a sense of responsibility and pride in all members with regards to their contributions** on the Board. 

BOD Essential Roles: 

  • Having a fiduciary responsibility to the financial sustainability and growth of Jeff’s Place; 
  • Hiring, supporting, evaluating and supervising the Executive Director;
  • Ensuring the fulfillment of the mission of Jeff’s Place and continuing to define and navigate the success of its vision. 

Minimum Requirements for Board Members: 

  • Provide an annual financial donation to Jeff’s Place and make Jeff’s Place a top philanthropic priority; 
  • Serve on at least one board committee; 
  • Attend all BOD meetings and related committee meetings. 

** “Contributions to Jeff’s Place” may include: 

Being an Ambassador:

  • Speaking about, or representing, your involvement at Jeff’s Place at community events;
    • Providing a platform for your community to learn about Jeff’s Place;
    • Connecting Jeff’s Place with grant opportunities;
  • Connecting Jeff’s Place with donors and support opportunities;
  • Sharing professional and/or personal expertise with board and committees
  • Providing an updated list of potential donors for the Annual Appeal;
  • Providing resources and sponsorship opportunities for fundraising events;
  • Attending fundraising events and inviting people who may have a connection to Jeff’s Place, a compelling reason to donate, or, once learning about Jeff’s Place, want to support our overall mission.