Training and Education

Jeff’s Place staff provides grief informed educational workshops for schools, professional conferences,
community agencies, and the community-at-large on issues related to childhood bereavement.

Community Support Groups
Individual & Family Counseling
Family Consultations
Crisis Intervention
Educational Trainings/ Workshops
School Groups
Research in Childhood Bereavement

Support for College Bound Students

Campus Bound, an independent college counseling company with offices in Needham, Lexington and other locations in E. Mass has offered to support students associated with Jeff’s Place at no charge to them as they navigate this process.   The Campus Bound team includes college admissions, financial aid officers and college counseling veterans.

Students and parents will be able to participate in webinars on all aspects of the mysterious financial aid process.   They will also be able to receive guidance with identifying colleges to apply to, advise and provide feedback on their college essays, help with their financial aid applications and insights on how best to plan and pay for college.   Counselors will be accessible to provide email support and to speak on the phone to gain assistance on a personalized basis.