“A harbor in a storm for any parent who loses a child.”

“…all in a place that feels like home.”

– Parent participants

“Ever since the day my Dad died, Jeff’s Place was so welcoming to us. Since that day Jeff’s Place has helped me move forward in my life.”

– Child participant

Our gratitude overflows for our volunteer content designer who created this website: John Gardiner!

Jeff’s Place Program Update

The dedication of our staff, facilitators, and our families never ceases to amaze me! Our program offerings were extended through July, to fill the needs of our grieving community. We took August and September to assess, tweak, and adjust our program! At the beginning of October, we kicked off our program year, connecting with our families in person for the first time in months, to distribute art supplies for kids to use in our virtual groups!


We are thrilled to have built upon what we learned in the spring, to make our virtual groups even stronger for this upcoming year.

In closing I would like to share how we open each group session. This poem was written by past participant/current facilitator, Joan Scott:


In gratitude and hopes for good health and peace,

Jenny, Founder & CEO