“Jeff’s Place welcomed us with open arms and open hearts. The whole staff is loving and caring. We searched for a place to take our daughter a year after the loss of her brother, our son. She found such comfort being with others who understood and were going through the same thing.” – Parent Participant

“Following the death of her dad [my daughter] became angry and withdrawn. She refused to talk about her dad and how his death was affecting her. I tried to get her to speak to a counselor, but she refused. Jeff’s Place has allowed my daughter to speak and express her feelings about her loss.” – Parent Participant

“Jeff’s Place has offered my young children a safe place to connect with other kids who have lost a parent. It has also been a place for me, as a young widow, to find support from other parents who are grieving the loss of their spouse, while trying to raise their kids. It has been incredibly helpful to me over the course of several years.” – Parent Participant

“A harbor in a storm for any parent who losses a child. Thank you.” – Parent Participant

“Jeff’s Place was a refuge where we met many people going through similar situations. Today, my family is thriving. Jeff’s Place allowed my children a safe place to grieve with other children experiencing similar loss.” – Parent Participant

“The staff is amazing and open and professional and honest and caring and compassionate and everything that we need without knowing that we need it. Jeff’s Place has been a life changer for us.” – Parent Participant

“Jeff’s Place was where we turned when my husband died after a long journey with brain cancer. We needed to be with other families who had lost a parent… the parent group has been a lifeline for me. We talk, we cry, and we laugh. We get it.” – Parent Participant

“…all in a place that feels like home.” – Parent Participant

“For the first time our daughter met another child who also lost a sibling. She’s made bonds and connections with the other children in her group that have helped her process the loss of her brother… They’ve helped us all feel less alone, they’ve helped us find ways to honor our son and his memory, and they’ve provided guidance and support through the worst thing that could happen to a family…We’ve made lifelong connections here and we are incredibly grateful for all of their support.” – Parent Participant

“Losing a loved one is bewildering… and through it all your heart is just screaming “make it all stop!” Jeff’s Place is the only thing that kept me going. With compassion and care they help each grieving family find some peace and understanding in an otherwise senseless world. Jeffs Place means hope when the rest of life feels hopeless.” – Parent Participant

“Jeff’s place saved my life! Through shared experiences and true understanding everyone helps each other heal. Children are nurtured by the knowledge they are not alone in loss. Parents learn to cope. At a time when life was at its most painful, Jeff’s place gave me the strength to carry on!” – Parent Participant

“Ever since the day my Dad, Jeff’s Place was so welcoming to us. Since that day Jeff’s Place has helped me move forward in my life.” – Child Participant