The Inventory of Youth Adaptation to Loss (IYAL)

Looking for a strength-based measurement tool for your bereavement program or practice?

The Inventory of Youth Adaptation to Loss (IYAL) was created with the most rigorous research standards through the participation of more than 20 children’s bereavement programs and is a statistically valid and reliable instrument for youth ages 9 to 17. Jeff’s Place is honored to partner with ALEX CARES to make this outcome tool available to no more than 40 providers of children’s bereavement services at no charge.

There is no standardized measure to understand the feelings experienced by bereaved youth and the social support they receive. The knowledge that will come from a large dataset of diverse youth from different programs across the world will inform program development and implementation, policy development, and standards of prevention and care for youth experiencing a traumatic loss.

This initiative will provide the missing piece by making the IYAL broadly available and using the data to demonstrate the strength and usefulness of the measure. Most importantly, it shows how different grief support services help different children worldwide, how programs can grow and change to better serve children; and give the world a glimpse into the experiences of children moving through profound loss.

Program participants will receive at no cost:

  • Access to the IYAL beginning August 2022
  • An aggregate report of statistical change from pre-to post-assessment of your agency that you can share with your stakeholders
  • Results to guide your agency in determining best practices and gaps in your agency related to program services
  • The opportunity to be part of this cutting-edge initiative in an effort to impact public policy to make our prevention programs accessible to all grieving youth

Who is eligible?

Any providers of grief support for youth ages 9 through 17

Deadline for Application:

Tuesday, June 21

 How do I learn more about this opportunity?

Email [email protected] to reserve your spot for an online Q&A on April 29 or May 25 at 12:30 pm EST. Please click here to apply to the IYAL initiative.

To learn about the psychometric properties of the IYAL:

Kaplan, J., Block, R., Gillard, A., & Putnam, M. (2020). Inventory of Youth Adaptation to Loss (IYAL)


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